Friday, July 20, 2012

Being Frank.

So you know how most blogs are really happy and glitter filled and we all love that because we all really want our lives to be happy and glitter filled but in reality we all have rants, bad days and negative spurts?? Okay well here's one from me and I hope it's the only one I have today because it's only 7:30 in the morning.
(Note: this isn't going to be a funny post, I'm actually talking about a shooting that happened this morning in Colorado.)

Something maybe you should know about me: I'm obsessed with the news. Not like political news or event news, I'm obsessed with crime. Don't ask me why but I am fascinated with violent crimes. 

On that note, I wake up this morning to a news program all about a shooting in Colorado at a movie theater during the opening showing of Batman. What I gathered was that a man, heavily armed, kicked in the emergency exit and opened fire on a full movie theater. So far, 14 people have been killed and 50 have been hurt. Included in those numbers was a 6 year old child and a 3 month old baby.

It just makes me so...frustrated when I hear things like this. What is so wrong with people in my country that compels them to do this? I just don't get it. I just do not get it. How did this man had the access to serious guns and explosives? Why did he fell that it was okay to enter this FAMILY EVENT and just shoot people at random?

I do not like violence, I don't like guns or even knives. I hate that my country is so...untrustworthy of each other that we feel the need to arm ourselves. Does that not say anything? Why are we so shocked when things like this happen?? No wonder when I'm waiting for the subway or walking down the street and I see someone acting weird or a strange looking man yelling a lot and looking really angry that I get nervous. I've been trained to be nervous. But I don't want to be nervous. 

I don't really know what the purpose of this post is. I don't feel better for venting a little bit. I'm sad that this happened to these families. I'm sad this happened in my country and I'm sad that there's such a crazy rift in my society.

I hope this man, who they arrested with no problems, has a good story to tell, has good reason. I hope he is completely delusional. I hope someone gets closure. I hope he gets the death penalty. 

It's such a shame to me that someone with so many problems just ruined so many lives. 

That's all I have. I need to move on now.


  1. This is such a sad story. It really is so tragic that these incidents occur, and that innocent people die so pointlessly. I hope the rest of your day is filled with glitter.

  2. OMG what its wrong with people? Trying to drag innocents with their problems this is so sad :(

  3. what!?!?! this is horrible and terribly sad.

    I'm the opposite of you- I usually change channels if a crime report comes on! haha.

    Happy weekend! xo

  4. I honestly heard about this 2 mins before clicking on your post. I called Matt to complain about how slow our internet has been and he told me. I never told him about the internet because I realized my problem was stupid compared to the real pain people are facing in Colorado.